What You Think, You Will Start To See and Hear

What do you think, see in stress?


When you have trouble paying attention to something, the memory seems to respond, most negative thoughts about life and about yourself and the people around you start coming, a disturbing thought constantly clings and the mind wanders. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally, we feel overwhelmed by fear and pain, we feel pain and tension in different parts of the body, we have trouble sleeping or Feel sleepy all the time, feel lonely in solitude, and feel hesitant in the flow of life’s bouncing waves.

Not only this, with the help of this medicine you can do wonders. The digestive system may be particularly affected, the body may feel heavy and loose, nausea may be found, heart rate may be faster, symptoms of loss of appetite or excessive appetite may be observed.

External causes of stress

External causes of stress include crises in life, emotional ups, and downs, financial distress, a close family crisis, being overly busy and burdened with responsibilities, all can push the Stress button.

The internal factors of stress that are related to your own self include negative thinking, not being able to cope with uncertainties, constant negative conversations with yourself, unrealistic expectations from life and the people around you, stubbornness, etc.

It was also observed that a close relative in the family dies, one of the spouses dies, the relationship ends and there is separation or divorce, etc., there is a long or incurable disease, the married life is in crisis, employment Etc. When the problem of food and drink, non-maintenance arises, one has to move from one country to another, even if the opportunity of retirement comes, it also leads to flooding in the river of stress.

Stress Starts With Thinking

All cases of stress begin with thinking. This thinking becomes the source of your perception and ideas. Also stated earlier that there is great power in human thinking or imagination. The large outer part of the brain, called the cerebrum, controls our thinking. It is divided into two parts. The left part controls the right part of our body, and the right part controls the left.

There is great power in thinking and if this power is out of control, can lead to flooding. Thinking is the mother of your imagination. If you think that the people around you are very selfish and they are lying behind you after washing their hands, you are being deceived, a conspiracy is being hatched against you, then your stress system is the same. Thinking will work, even if your thinking is one hundred percent wrong.

One of the most valuable things to understand in this whole conversation is that the thinking part of your brain that thinks, the believing part of the brain, brings every faith so that what you think, understand. Yes, that’s what you start to see and hear.

You will surely wonder how this can happen. The simple answer is that your brain is a selfish machine. Over the course of thousands of years, the brain has learned that the only way to survive as long as possible is to save the body in which the brain is present and to keep it safe from all dangers. As mentioned earlier, this stress system has both advantages and disadvantages. The good news is that in the event of a threat, it will immediately take you out of traffic by blowing the hooter. The mistake is that blowing the hooter without any danger will disturb the traffic.

What You Think Your Mind Work To Make It Real

Psychologists, neurologists, and scientists have drawn some conclusions from hundreds of experiments on the brain. It was observed that a barking dog, a heavy spider, or any other such dangerous object, when thought of in the brain, had the same effect on the body as if it were a real danger. If you think there is a conspiracy going on, people are chasing you and the enemy is going to attack, then even if it is all an illusion, you will still have a wave of stress hormones in your body and your body system will be disrupted. Will. Your brain will see you in danger and will immediately try to take you to a safe place and the body will tremble.

Imagine the multibillion-dollar entertainment industry and movies if you want to make it easier. You know that such and such actress or actor has played this role for crores of rupees, but you consider this completely fabricated drama to be true and your heart sinks along with the story.

Emerging, you clench your fists, the characters develop feelings of love or hate, sometimes you chant slogans with them, sometimes you pray for them, and sometimes your heart dances in their joy. Nowadays, the myth of Ertugrul is shrouded in mystery and if you are an Ertugrul killer, you will have gone through all these conditions. Just understand that when your heart beats, it plays the same serial screen on the screen in real life and what you see on the screen,

They start reacting accordingly, and this is where things go wrong.
Let’s do another experiment, since you are reading this line you can join it after reading this experiment. This is a very worn strap experience and you may have been involved in it before. It is better if someone speaks these lines with you and you close your eyes. This is a lemon squeeze exercise.
“Close your eyes and let your body relax. Take two or three deep breaths and imagine you are in the lobby of the hotel of your choice.

The melodious sound of the piano in the lobby pierces your ears. Your favorite tune is ringing. You are each sitting in a comfortable golden chair in front of a round glass table.

After a while, a waitress dressed in a white uniform moves towards you with a smile on her face. Order lemonade from you that you like this hotel lemonade very much. After a while, the waitress brings an ice-cold glass of lemonade in a silver tray, which contains three slices of fresh, sliced ​​lemon. You lift the cold glass in your hand while thanking him. But taking the first sip often comes with an idea.

“What a freshly chopped lemon. Something to taste.”

Thinking this, you pick up a large slice of lemon from the tray and bring it close to your mouth and open your jaw. Then lift the lemons further and squeeze the lemons vigorously. A faint, sour, sour, juicy fresh lemon leaps into your mouth and you enjoy it. “

99% of readers or listeners will be feeling this lemon in their mouth. Not only is the saliva produced in your mouth exactly the same as the effect of real lemons, but the whole effect is just a thought and imagination, but its sophisticated physical effect is in front of you.

Horror movies and porn movies are another great example of the power of your imagination, the effects of which are physically formed.


Come on, now that it is known that Thinking is responsible for psychological and physical tremors, what to do next? In the next episode, we share the formula to turn this jinn/giant into a lamp, the test is condition.


What do you think?

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