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Book Introduction:

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Think and grow rich book summary says Every great success in the world begins with an idea, the same idea that is growing in some corner of our brain when it becomes a reality and causes people to solve big problems for which they are anyone. Ready to pay the price, opens the door to success and wealth for us. All of this is possible when your brain thinks automatically. There is harmony in your thinking and planning and you are finding uniformity in your inner thinking and action. If you bring both your thinking and life under a certain discipline, you can achieve the greatest success in the world.

Brief introduction of the author:

Napoleon Hill, author of Think & Grow Rich, was born on October 26, 1886, in Virginia, USA. The author wrote a famous book in 1937 called Think & Grow Rich. This book is considered to be one of his great books on his desire to become rich. This book has been considered one of the best-selling books of its time. According to a conservative estimate, the book sold 20 million copies in 50 years, making Napoleon Hill one of the richest men in the United States. He died in 1967 at the age of 87 after a successful life.


Think and Grow Rich Chapters:

This book Think and Grow Rich (Download PDF)is written after researching the 500 most successful people in the world, the secret of the success of all these people is in the following points.

1. Introduction:

The human mind achieves what it can think.

2. Desire:

There is no limit to anything in the world, the limit is when we enslave ourselves to limits and restrictions. In the same way, both wealth and poverty are the results of our own thinking.

3. Belief:

If we look at our proximity, we can see that there are a lot of ideas being put into practice and we see these achievements with our own eyes. “Faith” seems to be driving.

4. Self-suggestion:

Man is the master of his own destiny because he gets what he strives for.

5. Specific knowledge:

If you use your specialized knowledge wisely, you can accumulate a lot of wealth.

6. Imagination:

Your imagination is the workshop in which you put all your plans into practice.

7. Organized Strategy:

There is no doubt that everything created on earth begins with a movement within man that arises within you and you present this movement in the best form with your best strategy.

8. One of the hallmarks of successful people is that they make decisions immediately and then gradually act on them.

9. Perseverance:

Strong willpower, desire, and perseverance help your desire to make money.

10. Best Brain Power:

Successful people are in control of almost every single situation. In this way, over time, they are able to form a group with strong and powerful minds that lead them to shared success.

11. Man’s Unconscious:

A person gets energy from the following two things.

A. Brain: Your brain enables you to analyze other people’s achievements. Learn from them and create a movement within yourself.

B. Sense 6: It guides you ahead of time by informing you of the expected risks and successes.

12. The Ghost of Fear:

The biggest secret to your success is to overcome your inner fear.

Think And Grow Rich 13 Principles

Key-1. Your thoughts, your real assets are:

The human mind achieves what it can think. Ideas are very powerful. Especially when they have a purpose in life and the desire to make money. Edwin Barnes once announced that he wanted to do business with the great inventor Edison. Commenting on this, Thomas Edison later said: “He stood before me like an ordinary beggar, but seeing the radiance of his eyes and the strength of his will made me realize that he was not an ordinary man and that everything Will get, which is determined.

I have learned from life experience that when a person devotes everything of his life to achieving a goal and makes his goal a question of life and death, success kisses his footsteps. So I gave him the opportunity to join me in founding a successful organization.

Subsequent experiments proved that I made no mistake in keeping it with me. ”In other words, you can achieve great success by using a desire that is not visible. You achieve success by putting a high level of thinking into a very big task that seems seemingly insignificant to you.

All you have to do is adopt it and that is that you do not run away from the field and do not admit failure. Before a person can succeed in life, he has to face failure in any case, even if it is temporary. All you have to do in these situations is not to admit failure at all, you may have the answers to the fears you are feeling. The Emirate, on the other hand, has to do with your thinking, which depends on how sincere you are about it.

Man’s greatest weakness is that he quickly becomes frustrated and says no! It is impossible for me to do this. It keeps beating that the laws will not work here. But keep it up! Success is the destiny of those who think about success all the time and failure is the destiny of those who think of failure all the time.

One of the great faults of man is that he tests others on his particular thinking. We believe that the flaws we have will be the same in everyone. But we do not understand that each of us is the star of our destiny and its merits or demerits are different from ours. So our mind adopts the things that lead us to success and rejects the things that can lead us to failure.

Key-2. Desire:

There is no limit to anything in the world except that you have imposed some restrictions on yourself. Because both poverty and wealth are the product of your thinking.

Burn the bridge you came across because when you hope you have a way back you will become a coward. If you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. On the other hand, it is also a fact that when a person reaches the point where he starts receiving money, he desires more of it. Think in the direction Here are some tips to help you get started.

  1. First and foremost, keep in mind the amount of money you want to earn.

2. Determine how many hours you are willing to work to earn that much money. remember! There is nothing in the world that you can get for free and no lunch that is available for free.

3. Set a date in your mind for which you are to receive the required amount.

4. Now make a great plan on how to achieve all this.

5. Write down your goal amount and your plan to achieve it on a piece of paper.

6. Read your written plan aloud daily.

When you become serious about becoming a rich man, you will one day become a rich man. The truth is that those who have achieved great success, first dreamed of a dream, then longed for that dream, and then planned to achieve it and implemented it with great success.

Remember! The desire to do something and do it is the key to success. You know that in the world, it was the people who built the tallest buildings or built the factories and ships that had the power to put their thinking into practice. Thomas Edison, for example, dreamed of an electric lamp. Despite failing ten thousand times, he finally succeeded in his goal. This proves that those who have a dream never run away from it. Today’s world is full of opportunities that were not available to people many years ago.

Key-3. Believe:

People around you use the power of belief to turn many ideas into reality. That’s how you meet people whose dreams have no limits. “Belief” is man’s strongest weapon. Human emotions such as faith and love are man’s strongest helpers. When they come together, these thoughts go into your subconscious and make you even stronger. And they always accompany you with a wealth of intelligence. In fact, belief is a state of mind when it is achieved, and your mind begins to move automatically.

When your faith is strong, your mind brings all thoughts into action in a systematic way. There are millions of people in the world who consider themselves poor because they have an unknown fear embedded in them. Time and again it is scary that they are poor and will remain poor. In this way, they unknowingly make their minds accustomed to negative thinking. And they only consider what they are getting enough.

Improvement comes from the process, not from reading its instructions. The mind that is rich in the wealth of faith is fertile for success. Thus faith is a blessing that keeps your mind always strong and fertile. Faith is the key to all the wealth of the world. It has often been observed that people accept what has been repeated to them over and over again, regardless of whether it is true or false. It is a fact that a person walks a path with certain thinking. In the same way, a single thought nurtures a person’s thoughts and affects his life.

Thoughts attract other people like a magnet. The human mind is constantly drawn to thinking that is consistent with its mind. In short, we can say that when you think of something over and over again, it overwhelms your heart and mind. That’s why when you repeat a particular idea over and over again, it becomes a great goal in your life. And the wandering thoughts that come to your mind disappear automatically. This principle gives amazing results when you are able to say:

1. I know, I can do everything in the world and I promise myself that I will do it from today onwards.

2. I know that the thoughts that come to my mind will turn into strong thinking in time. So for thirty minutes after today, I will be thinking what do I want to be?

3. I know that the desire that has been ingrained in my mind will eventually lead me to great success. So from today on, I will think for ten minutes about how to get a wealth of self-confidence.

4. I have clearly written the purpose of my life. And now I’ll keep trying until I find it.

5. I feel that the wealth gained through injustice does not last long. Therefore, I will never get involved in a transaction that does not benefit everyone. I will work with others and reassure them that I am capable of walking with them.

Remember that all the waves of thoughts turn into reality on their own. The subconscious does not distinguish between good and bad thinking of a human being, so good thinking must be maintained. It is a universal fact that every human being has his There are seeds of success and achievement.

If they break out in time, then man becomes successful. And remember that too! True love is the power that awakens the sleeping mind. The lofty ideas around you keep changing into reality. Considering that the world’s largest institutions are the first to grow in the minds of one or two men. In the same way, the Emirate is born out of thought and the boundaries of the Emirate also disappear in the mind of a human being. Faith makes your empire long-lasting and expansive by overcoming these limitations.

Key-4. Sixth sense:

The sixth sense is the basis of all philosophy. It cannot be understood until other principles are available. The sixth sense actually works against reality. It is the creative part of the brain that makes a person want to do something. The sixth sense begins to be understood when one constantly meditates on it. To date, science has not been able to find a satisfactory reason for the sixth sense. But experience has shown that some people’s sixth sense is faster than others. There is also no doubt that your sixth sense grows faster with time. However, you can speed up your sixth sense by doing the following.

  1. Choose people you like because of their accomplishments. It could also be the historical figures who have adopted the principles that you also want. Popular figures include Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon, Henry Ford, Dale Carnegie, and Servant Churchill.
  2. ۔ Before going to bed at night, sit in a quiet place, a place where you are completely alone with your thoughts. Imagine yourself sitting in a council of great personalities and asking them what qualities are necessary to become a great man.
  3. ۔ This will create a fertile environment in which you will be able to understand for yourself how a great man is characterized. And this will be the moment when a revolution will take place in your thoughts.
  4. ۔ Take turns addressing these great personalities in your imagination and ask them if you can create those great qualities of character within yourself. Ask them to inform your heart and mind through your sixth sense. In the same way, be aware of their ideas and study their teachings in depth. Very soon you will sharpen your sixth sense. You will know the extraordinary event ahead of time, whether it is good or bad for you.

Key-5. Autosuggestion:

Every bad time, every failure, and every trouble brings with it some benefits. The automatic suggestion is the guidance that keeps your subconscious awake and you suggest to yourself that this is not the way to do it, this is how to do it. Should. Automatic suggestion means that your subconscious is affected.

This message reaches your brain with the help of your five senses. It is a highway between the human consciousness and the unconscious, where your conscious efforts are born. The dominant thought that reaches the subconscious of your brain makes you automatic because it matures in the brain.

Man has control over his own thinking which reaches his subconscious with the help of his five senses. Because it is automatic whether you like it or not. It is now up to us to take it or leave it in a positive way and it will start to have a negative effect on us. Therefore, there is a need for us to adopt a defensive approach against it.

The biggest challenge here maybe how you can use your ideas in a powerful way to get rich. For example, twice a day you say out loud that you have the money you need. Just repeating the words will not suffice unless you include your emotions. Remember! Everything has some value. Here your ability is a constant means of influencing your subconscious. Now you have to decide what price you have paid to achieve your life goal.

Your auto-suggestion will only be used when you have the strongest desire to achieve the goal. Your subconscious receives orders from your belief while thoughts are not related to reality but to thinking. Here you think of the amount you want to get. Now expect your subconscious to do everything for you. So to sharpen your subconscious:

  1. Go to a quiet place and repeat in your mind the amount you need as well as the work or thing that you will give to others in return for that amount.

2. Now repeat the expectation or hope that is in your heart.

3. Repeat this hope morning and evening, until your goal is achieved.

4. Hang a written copy of your statement in a place where it can be remembered.

5. Include your emotions in it so that the idea settles in your heart and mind. It is seen that man is the master of his own destiny and your desire affects your subconscious under the self-suggestion which You decide your destiny.

Key-6. Specific knowledge:

Specific knowledge is the key to changing your destiny. The wise use of specific knowledge in the world is the only way to accumulate wealth.

Knowledge is either general or specific. The Emirate depends on how much knowledge you have. Knowledge alone does not lead to the accumulation of wealth. It becomes your real strength when used according to a plan. Once you have set a goal for your life, try to acquire knowledge in terms of this profession.

The word “education” means to collect or develop indoors. An educated person is one who uses his mind to achieve everything he desires and to achieve it without depriving others of their rights. He knows where to get the knowledge and how to put it into practice.

To fulfill your desire you need a certain knowledge which is in the form of service, goods, or profession and by which you get wealth. The acquisition of wealth is due to power and the secret of power is this specific knowledge. I am hidden.

Key-7. the brain:

Every human mind receives the message that it receives from the minds of others. The unconscious is the transmitting part of the human brain and the creative imagination is the product of the unconscious. With the help of automatic suggestions, your brain keeps moving at all times.

For example, we cannot say why the earth feeds its inhabitants. Yet every human being is under the influence of an invisible force. It is true that every human brain has 10,000 to 14,000 million nerve cells. 100,000,000 million lines connect the brain cells to each other.

Key-8. Imagination:

Imagination is the workshop of the human brain, where new projects are made. A desire grows from human thinking. Man can create everything he can think of. There are two types of imagination:

  • Imagination that changes old things: This imagination does not create anything new but presents old ideas or projects in a new way.
  • Creativity: This is the kind of imagination that creates a movement within you. Great people make great inventions in the world thanks to their high imagination. Such imagination is based on the following factors.
  • A. Man’s creativity is further accelerated by his constant use.
  • He pursues his goal with a strong desire.
  • Imagine what you would gain if you reached your goal.
  • Ideas have no set value. The creator of an idea determines the value of his idea.
  • A great success begins when the creator of the idea and the seller of the idea come together and decide that they will work together for a specific purpose.
  • An idea is first and foremost popularized, but over time, the idea takes its own course, no matter how much people oppose it.
  • Thoughts are an invisible force. They are more powerful than physical force, even more powerful than their creators.

Key-9. Decision:

Delay is the biggest enemy of decision-making. It must be overcome by every successful man. People who are successful are quick to make decisions and stick to them. The biggest problem for the majority of people in the world who do not make money is that they quickly become influenced by the opinions of others and start following them. People who talk too much can’t do anything.

Real wisdom is found in humble and silent people. In fact, only those who have the power to make decisions can put their ideas into practice. These are the people who get everything in the world that they want. However, irrevocable decisions are made with enthusiasm.

Key-10. Organized planning:

Everything that man creates is due to his desire. Desire is a journey from thought to reality. This is the workshop where one thing becomes a reality. Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

  1. Keep the people you need with you.
  2. Let people know the benefits that make them your priority.
  3. Meet your mastermind group twice a week.
  4. ۔ Keep unity in your group. Remember that no man can become rich without the help of others. If your first plan fails, choose the second one. If your plan doesn’t work, you can’t succeed. It doesn’t matter if you failed temporarily. Remember your success can never be greater than your plan (ie the bigger the plan the bigger the success). Temporary failure means that there must have been something wrong with your plan. No man is defeated unless he escapes on his own. Many great leaders start out as great followers first. And the qualities of a successful leadership are:
  • ۔ High spirits
  • ۔ Self control
  • ۔ Justice
  • ۔ A clear plan
  • ۔ Work over pay
  • ۔ Pleasant personality
  • ۔ Empathy and understanding
  • ۔ Crossing details
  • ۔ Always ready to accept responsibility
  • ۔ Cooperation

How can you get what you want?

  1. ۔ Decide first what you want to do.
  2. ۔ Choose a company that you enjoy working with.
  3. ۔ Read you’re expected ‘today’.
  4. ۔ Determine what you can do for the company?
  5. ۔ Prepare a written briefing on this.
  6. Present your plan only to the person who has the power of decision and who can help you. Assure him of the benefits to the company in return for your services and the disadvantages to the company if your services are not hired. Is required.Big projects in the world don’t happen all of a sudden, they require great minds to create.

Key-11. Mastermind Group and its strengths:

People work together to achieve success. They achieve success because of unity. And great success is achieved when people form a mastermind group together. If you create your own mastermind group, you will move towards success very fast. Power and knowledge together help you make money. With ‘power’ you make money and with it you manage money. Power comes from the following:

  1. ۔ Infinite intelligence
  2. ۔ Experience
  3. ۔ Research and analysis

You can accelerate your efforts to succeed with your Mastermind Group. Gather people around you who will advise you and cooperate with you. This support always leads to making money. When your mental endeavors are matched with your group, you form a team with a purpose in life.

Key-12. Continuity:

Working consistently helps put your desire into action. When your willpower and desire come together, it leads to success. Some people give up their plans immediately when they get in trouble. Very few people are able to reach their destination despite the difficulties. It all starts with a thought.

The Emirate falls in the swing of those who can work continuously. Poverty is also the destiny of those who do not get out of its cycle. You either want to be rich or you want to live in poverty. It is very important to work consistently to become rich. If you can’t do something consistently, you will fail in the beginning.

People who succeed do not believe how many times they have failed. Despite their failures, they believe that one day they will succeed. You can achieve continuity by following these steps:

۔ With a specific purpose
۔ With a written plan
۔ By closing the door on negative thoughts
۔ By forming a friendly alliance
If you follow these four tips, you can achieve everything. A study of the lives of the most successful people reveals that they have always worked consistently.

Key-13. Unconscious:

The unconscious is the part of the brain where your thinking reaches through the five senses. This is the place where ideas are formed, spoiled, and destroyed. The work of the unconscious is automatic. You have no control over it except the thoughts that come to you consciously. When your subconscious becomes the center of good thinking, the door to success begins to open on you, and this is done with the help of autosuggestion.

In this sense, seven positive and seven negative emotions affect your action. Here are seven positive emotions:

  •  Desire
  • ۔Believe
  • ۔Love
  • .Enthusiasm and passion
  • ۔Romance
  • ۔Hope
  • Here are seven negative emotions:
  • ۔ Fear
  • ۔ Jealousy
  • ۔ Hate
  • ۔ Revenge
  • ۔ Greed
  • . Superstition
  • ۔ Anger

Key-14. Ghost of Fear:

The key that opens the door to success for you is called “desire” and fear is the poison for it. There are basically six types of fear that a person experiences at some level. Man cannot create something that he does not think about clearly. Man’s thinking puts into practice everything he thinks about, knowingly or unknowingly.

In this regard, a person may suffer from the following fears:

  • ۔ Fear of poverty
  • ۔ Fear of criticism
  • ۔ Fear of ill health
  • ۔ Fear of losing love
  • ۔ Fear of old age
  • ۔ Fear of death

How to get rid of negative effects? Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

۔ Overcome fear.

۔ Stay away from people who discourage you.

۔ Talk to people who encourage you.

۔ Don’t bring bad situations to mind, don’t be afraid of them and never think about them.


The book “Think and Grow” revolves around a positive human “thought”. That is, your thinking takes you to the heights of heaven, and the same thinking, in a negative way, degrades you. Throws Success requires positive thinking, comprehensive planning, and consistent action. People who do not get their act together for fear of failure are always in need of others. The truth is that both wealth and poverty are the names of a particular thought. No great goal in life is achieved unless it fails because every failure has some hidden benefits. Author Napoleon Hill explains to us that if you gather good thinkers around you, success will follow in your footsteps.

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