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The Miracle Morning Summary of book says Today’s society is in chaos and anxiety and man has ruined the peace of heart and soul in pursuit of the dream of a better life. Not only is this chaos seen in society in the form of fights, accidents, and chaos, but there is also a rift and chaos within man.

Therefore, man cannot be on the path to success unless he has chaos within himself. Do not control The book The Miracle Morning is an invaluable gift for making life prosperous and successful. Here are six principles that can change your life. Hall Elrod has named these six principles Life Savers, which are as follows.

Brief introduction of the author:

Hall Elwood, the author of The Miracle Morning, was born on May 30, 1979, in Camarello, California, USA. He was driving at a speed of 5 km per hour. He was completely still for six minutes and people thought he was dead, but miraculously he regained consciousness after spending six days in a coma.

He found out that his brain had been permanently paralyzed and that 11 bones in his body had been broken. The doctors thought that he would never be able to stand on his own two feet again for the rest of his life.


The Miracle Morining Routine



(Imagination, making mental images) Visualization




Lifesavers can make a huge difference in your life if you make them your routine in an hour in the morning.

  • ۔ Silence: 10 minute
  • ۔ Affirmations: 10 minute
  • ۔ Contemplation: 10 minute
  • ۔ Exercise: 5 minutes
  • ۔ Study: 20 minute
  • ۔ Writing: 5 minute


Most of us have a mediocre life despite the fact that we all have the potential to be successful.

If we look at the life of the average American, we see that he is usually indebted to the tune of ً 10,000, a miserable and frustrated man who is obese and hates his job or work, Friend can’t say

Clearly, most Americans are living a life that is not entirely satisfying. The Social Security Administration says that if you select 100 people who have started their professional lives and observe them for forty years, you will see that only one of them has become rich. Four will be financially stable, five will need to continue their job or work, 36 will have died and 54 will be in need of financial support from their friends or family members. These figures really paint a terrible picture.

Being financially independent is a life of freedom and carefree because you don’t have to worry about paying your bills or getting into debt. Research shows that more sedatives are being used than ever before. One out of every two marriages in the United States is breaking up.

In today’s world, every individual is more indebted than ever. Obesity has become an epidemic, while cancer and heart disease are on the rise. However, despite all this, it is possible that we have the ability to live a successful and prosperous life. It is still possible to turn things around.

Author Hal Elrod is a striking example of this. Elrod died in a car accident for six minutes. After several days in a coma, when he regained consciousness, doctors told him he had suffered serious brain injuries and might not be able to walk for the rest of his life. However, he recovered and he accepted the situation and instead of sitting for the rest of his life and grieving over the change of circumstances, he set out to put his life’s dreams into practice to the best of his ability.


Living in the past and not understanding the effects/consequences of one’s decisions prevents people from taking full advantage of their abilities.

Have you ever considered that the way you think about your life prevents you from taking full advantage of your abilities? Most of us make life decisions based on our past and Rearview Mirror Syndrome (RMS) is one such mental illness. If you suffer from RMS, you may think that you are the same today as you used to be.

You Decide On The Behalf Of Your Past

All your decisions and choices are made in the light of your past experiences so whenever new opportunities come in your life you reject them thinking that you have never experienced them in the past.

For example, if a person is still unable to maintain a relationship with their partner due to a failed relationship in the past, then such a person may be suffering from RMS.

Another reason for not being able to use our full potential in life is that we see the consequences of our decisions as separate from life and other realities. We believe that the consequences of the decisions we make on a daily basis will be in our favor or against our will, contrary to the realities of life and the world.

For example, if you think that if you don’t exercise one day today, it won’t matter and you will make up for it the next day. But this decision will not only affect your present moment but also your whole life by affecting your thinking and habits.

In his book Secret of the Millionaire Mind, businessman and author T. Harv Eker describe the importance of this habit as, “You will always do something the way you do it today.”

So if you look at the events separately from the facts, you become accustomed to making concessions and the events become normal instead of occasional. As a result, your ability to achieve your life goals is affected and you become successful in life to the extent that your self-made excuses and reasons let you go.

If you want to change your life according to your desires So change your thinking about life, living in the past, and finding justification for your mistakes and shortcomings will take your success away from you.


Change your morning routine to motivate yourself to wake up.

Well, how do you avoid wasting your time in drowsiness and spend all your energies on achieving your dreams? A very important step in this regard is to change the morning routine to encourage timely awakening. This incentive can be numbered from one to ten depending on the intensity. Ten Number means you are excited to wake up and number one means you turn off the alarm and go back to sleep.

Fortunately, with a few simple techniques, you can be very active and make a big difference in your morning routine.

How To Wake Up Early In The Morning

Before going to bed, reassure yourself that you will wake up in the morning. The morning will not be a burden for you if you think of the next day and feel the joy of completing all the tasks that you can feel today. Keep your alarm clock away from the bed so that you have to get out of bed in the morning to turn off the alarm.

Once you get out of bed and turn off the alarm, go to the bathroom and brush your teeth. Doing so will make you feel refreshed and you will feel more active. Then drink a glass of water. This allows you to replenish as much water as you used to in the process of breathing through the night. Remember that dehydration makes you feel tired. By doing all these things you will be more refreshed and alert.

Key-4: Silence.


Purposeful meditation/meditation in the morning will be helpful against stress. It is very likely that you will suffer from stress like many other people. A very powerful way to reduce this stress is to start your miraculous morning routine.

This means that after waking up in the morning, take some time for meaningful, and useful meditation. Many people who are involved in a very stressful business/profession or responsibilities in one way or another practice meditation techniques to reduce their stress.

The Huffington Post writes that Oprah Winfrey considered meditation a means of communication with the Lord or Creator. Many famous people, such as Jerry Semfeld Sting and Russel Simmons, state that meditation is an essential part of their lives. Therefore, meditation should be included in your morning routine.

Meditation Method:

When you start meditating, first take a moment to break away from your daily worries/mind and focus on yourself. Sit comfortably in a quiet, quiet place with your back straight. Close your eyes or stare at the floor right in front of you. Exhale through the nose and out of the mouth, paying attention to your breath. Breathe slowly into your abdomen. Do not limit your breathing to the chest. Then breathe in a certain style and speed.

Inhale for three seconds then exhale for three seconds and try to keep an eye on the breath by expelling the thoughts that come to mind during this time. It may seem difficult at first, but as you do it daily, the process will become easier. Little by little, you will feel less and less stressed. If you have already used such a technique and you feel that it is not useful for you, you can find a way (according to your mood and preferences). Think about life and be thankful for everything you have in life.

Key-5: Affirmation

How do we move from a mediocre or mediocre life to the life we want or that is in line with our desires and dreams? That is why we can program our minds by repeating positive things over and over again. There is a constant wave of thinking in our minds which is based on our life experiences and this wave of thoughts will be in our favor or against us. I, it’s up to us.

Follow these tips to change your thinking in a positive way and benefit.

Confess and write what you want your life to be. Ask yourself the following questions to clarify your goals and motivations.

Why do you want all this?
What do you want
And what are you willing to do to achieve all this?

Once you’ve prepared the answers, read them aloud at least once a day. Making this process a habit in the morning gives a person an idea of what to become, what to achieve and how to achieve it. How to act on what you are thinking. It is the power by which man can make his life happy. And know the purpose of your life. It is a scientific principle that first, a person thinks about a task and then decides to do it. Repeating it after positive thinking is a guarantee of success

Key-6: Visualization.

Another key to achieving success that many athletes use is to create the desired scene in their mind and see it. You too can use this technique to create the image of your desired life in your mind. For example, if you want to write a book, imagine yourself writing the pages of a book sitting at your desk. When you read the above questions and their answers aloud, you can imagine them in your mind as well. Subconsciously change the actions that help you achieve the life you want.

Hall claims that repeatedly imagining something creates a person’s determination to achieve it. It is a miraculous process. This process of inquiry and imagination gives man natural strength. It is also a mental process and plays a key role in achieving something. Hall further writes that a man thinks only of possible things. And their imagination comes to mind, but determined people always make the impossible possible by repeatedly imagining things. Imaginary and creative ideas force man to be active. By doing this every morning, a person succeeds in achieving his goal

Key-7: Exercise.

Exercising in the morning will not only improve your health but also help you move forward on the path to success. We often feel that we are too busy to make time for exercise. It seems that we are so busy with various activities throughout the day that we

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get tired in the evening, so it is very difficult and even impossible to exercise in the evening. So why not start the day with exercise.

Exercise is essential to keep the body healthy so it will be very useful if we include exercise in our lives. The fact of the matter is that we are all well aware that our day will be very busy. They are able to fall into bed and can’t even think of jogging or exercising. For example, when Eben Pagan, a well-known and successful businessman, was asked the secret to his success, he replied.

“Start each morning with a routine that contributes to your success, and then he emphasizes that exercise is an integral part of your routine and further explains that it is more important to work the heart.” The blood runs faster and the lungs take in more oxygen.

The habit of exercising every morning is very important. It promotes physical fitness as well as mental maturity. Because a healthy body has a healthy mind. Keeping your body and mind healthy is very important for doing any job well. Exercise gives strength to the body and strength to the mind, says Hall. It gives a person self-confidence and self-reliance.

This habit sharpens our attention and stimulates our mood. Exercise keeps a person physically and mentally fit for any task. Therefore, it is important to exercise every morning to achieve any goal in life. This process gives a person immense strength and energy. His example is like a miracle that makes everything easy. Man succeeds in achieving his goal. On the contrary, a lazy and lazy person can never succeed in his goal. According to Hall’s experience, getting up in the morning every day is difficult, but when you make it a habit, it helps you succeed.

Key-8: Reading

Be sure to read something in the morning for your personal development. Once you have exercised, the next step in your miraculous morning is to focus on your personal development. Reading is a very important activity, which helps us to reflect on our achievements and improve our efforts. We can all take time in the morning to read something and also books on improving our personality. By reading, you can benefit from the experiences of other successful people.

There are books on every topic in the market such as increasing income, improving your relationship, or starting a business. A reasonable target for the amount of reading is 10 pages per day. This means 10 to 20 minutes a day, depending on the speed of your reading. Surprisingly, this makes a total of 3650 pages a year and about 18 books. Also, you can make it easier to read it again by re-reading it, by making an important information circle, or highlighting it.

Reading useful books teaches man new experiences and lessons. There is no doubt that all great people were very eager to read. You can make your life positive by reading books like great people. There are precious pearls of knowledge hidden in books. Acquiring knowledge broadens one’s thinking and increases one’s insight. Knowledge brings tolerance, patience, forbearance, and intellect in man. With the habit of reading, man becomes a figure of patience. Knowledge is introduced to a man with new realities

Key-9: Scribing.

Writing down your feelings, experiences, and information every morning can be very helpful for personal development. Elrod, for example, felt that he was happy with the way he was writing. He is very grateful that writing helps him to focus on all the things he has achieved and at the same time thinks about the things he wanted to achieve. He splits a page into two columns and writes the lessons learned in one column and the title of the new post in the other column. Had thought for life.

By writing every day, you can recall the lessons learned from your life. Find out more about your problems and follow up on your progress. This is the first step in putting your thinking into practice. Writers, poets, and playwrights are great people. These great people benefit people with the help of their research. The process of writing opens the closed doors of man’s thinking and he finds the path to success automatically.

Key-10 Adapt your miracle morning to your specific needs.

Once you are introduced to the six-morning habits that can lead to success in your life and fulfillment of your desires, it is also important to learn how to adopt these habits. Adapt to the needs of

How much time you spend on all these routines is entirely up to you. If you wish, you can spend 60 minutes in the morning preparing for your day and dedicate this one hour to various activities of your choice. Give 10 minutes to each of the six activities if you want, 30 minutes of exercise if you like, and six minutes to each of the other five activities.

Even taking a few minutes is better than doing nothing at all. So if your schedule is so tight that you can’t make time for any of these other activities, instead of worrying, just give your morning six minutes as follows.

First minute: silence and meditation,

Second minute: repeat your desires and goals aloud.

Third minute: Imagine having a great day.

Fourth minute: Write down what you want to thank God for.

Fifth minute: Read two pages of a book.

Sixth minute: It is better to move fast and breathe fast.

You can also change the time and place to have more freedom in your miraculous morning. For example, a person who has to travel a lot and keeps his morning items with him, such as yoga lessons and a book or magazine, etc. By doing this, he can sit anywhere and meditate. Can repeat goals and imagine his day.

If you work at night and wake up very late during the day, you can still do all your morning routine. The most important thing is to devote some time and effort to your development.

Key-11: A commitment to persevere for 30 days and a responsible friend will help you get used to the morning.

Like any other good habit, miraculous morning habits only benefit you if you stick to them and don’t do them regularly.

An effective way to ensure this is to associate someone with you who will ask you for an answer in case of any cheapness. There are times in our lives when we don’t want to go to a specific job like gym. However, if a friend is waiting for us there, we feel more motivated to go.

We work more regularly when someone asks us for an answer. So find a friend who can do this morning routine with you so you can both call each other and keep up the routine.

We know that it takes about 30 days to get used to a habit. So you have to commit to yourself for 30 days to change this miraculous morning. This process of change can be divided into three stages.

The first ten days are very difficult and unbearable. The next ten days are relatively easy but still feel strange and annoying but in the last ten days the new routine has become a part of your personality and you start to enjoy it.

The author, for example, hated running away but devoted himself to 30 days. For the first ten days he wanted to give up the habit. Every day he would fight with the voice inside him that would tell him that there was no problem if he gave up, but he did not hear that voice. Over the next ten days, the process of running away ended his hatred and he began to feel a normal process, and finally in the last ten days, this process became a source of happiness for him.


Hall Elroud, the author of The Miracle Morning, outlines six principles for making human life prosperous and successful.

Named The Life Savers. He also explained how to practice these principles. The author has given special importance to the time of Sabh Sadiq. That is why he has named his book The Miracle Morning. It is a great privilege to wake up every new morning after sleep, if you start each morning in the way prescribed by the author, you can start a healthy life.

Thanks to this routine, you will have eternal knowledge and strength. Practicing it gives you physical health, spiritual maturity, and mental strength. Hall’s effort is a major step forward in human well-being. By making The Life Savers routine, you can stay calm and happy. This book is a recipe for alchemy for those who are restless, careless, physically and mentally weak or tired in life, and have lost the ability to work due to laziness.

This is important for all walks of life. These principles apply equally to people from all walks of life, whether they are students or teachers, engineers or doctors, pilots or architects. Millions follow these simple routines People have benefited.

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