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Stress Psychology Definition How Stress Work

How Stress Work To Kill Us


Stress Psychology Definition :In the old days, an arrow was a targeted way to kill the king. The conspiratorial cook used to put a light line of poison in the dinner plate every day. By eating poison every day, the king would gradually die of an incurable disease and no one would suspect that it was an unnatural death.

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That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Every day a light line that the low heat keeps strangling every life.

Misconception About Stress

Many people must have seen this exercise. If not seen is the test condition. Especially those who consider themselves warriors. Hold a light pen in your hand and stand up straight. How long do you think you can hold a pen? No, not in a couple of hours, in five minutes your hand will start shaking and the pain from all over the world will come together in your arms. Imagine the burden you put on your nerves and then for years, then how can you complain of a nervous breakdown?

First of all, we learned that hunger can be felt, heat can be felt, cold can be felt, but stress, tension, or grief cannot be felt automatically. Although many people have a bundle of grief and the effects of sitting up with them.

Another misconception is that stress is the root of all evil. Keep in mind that stress has a good hand in the long journey from the caves to the present. It is stress that wakes us up from bed in the early hours of the morning with our shoes on our sleeping heads and prepares us for the day’s responsibilities. The idea that this month is to pay the electricity bill, to put petrol in the car, to pay the rent of the house, to pay the children’s fees, gives us encouragement and energy. The preparation for the future, the search for the best, dreams, and aspirations all have their own significance. People who are completely cold often fail to achieve their goals.

Positive Role Of Stress In Our Life

So there is a positive role of stress that has been driving us in search of the best since the Cave Age, motivating us to fulfill our responsibilities and keeping us awake. This can be fatal if you are traveling in the jungle and unaware of your surroundings. It is stress that causes us to hear and see more.

Understand that stress is a fire that cooks the pot of life over low heat and increases the durability and beauty of the pot. However, if the fire gets too fast, the pot will crack. That is, stress is a medicine, the specific amount of which is very important.

Understanding Of Stress

Stress has a biological response that is embedded in our DNA chip. Our brain and the nervous system want to keep us active, alert and vigilant so it pours adrenaline and cortisol substances into our body which take the body to the next gear at once. This is very useful if you have a wolf, or a leopard, or a bloodthirsty dog ​​behind you, in which case it can save your life. However, if you suffer from this condition every time you sit in a chair or lie down on the bed, and the stress system is disturbed, then you are sweating, your heart is pounding, your body is tingling, and you are not getting enough sleep. Has run away, now the stress line is working.

If you want to understand the psychological issues of stress then it involves three steps or issues. First of all, there is no event. Anyone can really be anywhere. For example, General Asim Bajwa resigned which was not accepted. Maulana Khadim Rizvi Bay blocked another road or square. Prime Minister Imran Khan again shook his speech saying do not panic. A picture of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif jogging in London has surfaced. Three more Arab countries recognized Israel. Similarly, some other events like your colleague’s lottery came out, or your cousin built a new house, or you were ignored in a promotion meeting, or it rained and three feet of water entered your house. . The event could be anything.

Whatever the case may be, its interpretation is more than the incident itself, ie “What really happened?” Affects you. Seeing that means more than the incident and its effect on our emotions, determines our stress. For example, there may be billions of people on whom the recognition of Israel by the three Arab countries does not make sense, but for you, this life will be a matter of death. You leave the house at once to protest. Or your cousin builds a house and you get rid of your jealousy and envy and you start remembering all the frustrations of your life one by one and a bundle is tied.

Now the meaning of the incident comes out of our hard drive. It refers to our understanding of today, our philosophy of life, our habits, our past experiences, the books we read, the stories we hear, the movies we watch, the happy or unpleasant memories of childhood. When the event revolves around these filters, it turns red, blue, pink, or black. Then when we find out the impressions of the same event, they are colorful and we are amazed to see how it looks black, white, or pink, even though it has its own lens and its filters. wonderful. Note that the hard drive will have what is inside it.

Now the last step is to give your judgment on whatever has happened. That is, what has happened, what does it mean ?? For example, to think that we Pakistanis can never be straight will continue to do justice to our will in this country, or that if there is a salute to force or money, then only force or money will be collected, or that the heels will be rubbed. So Zamzam will come out of here, and our future is bright, and so on and so forth. This judgment is from the hard drive, but it is mostly our learned behavior that comes out of our old habits or faith system ie the bailiff system. For example, to understand that this incident is a punishment of Allah, or a trial or has happened for our betterment, etc., etc.


The real story in this whole story is to know and test that whatever happens, you have control over the thinking, the filters, or the final judgment. Since it’s all a game of speed in our lives, something happened here and there and we formed an opinion while walking on a certain “stress window” and it all came to an end. Feels like it’s done automatically. But the funny thing is that nothing happened automatically, there is a place inside this “window” where the scattering is in your hands before any incident happens, it reaches the hard drive and you give your judgment on it. Comes and you can turn it around.

What do you think?

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