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Millionaire Success Habits Book Summary

Book Summary of Millionaire Success Habits

The author of Millionaire Success Habits dean Graziosi begins the story with a story that in the spring of 1944 a boy was born to a refugee family in Los Angeles, whom he named JP.JP was just two years old when his parents divorced. His mother worked hard to raise him and his brother.

And when he was nine years old, he helped his mother. She sold everything from newspapers to bouquets and Christmas cards, whatever you name them. As a teenager and without parental guidance, he joined the wrong kind of gang.

At the same time, he tried to continue his studies. Once when he was in the eleventh grade, his high school teacher saw him and his friend Michael imitating him in the classroom. Stood in front of and said that they will never be able to do anything in life.

It was a time when JP did not tell himself that he could not do anything but that he would do a lot in life and disprove his teacher’s opinion.

The author says that JP told him that he tried to inculcate the habit of success in himself in his early jobs. He had been doing various jobs since the age of nine, including selling newspapers and so on. Also worked as a cleaner at a dry cleaner’s shop. The owner was a stingy man. I was working at the shop for $ 1.25 an hour when one day his boss came up to me and He said, “I have checked thoroughly that there is no sign of dust in the place where you are cleaning. I am very happy with your work. I said that you have hired me for cleaning so I will do my best.” That I should do the work that has been given to me in the best possible way. That day he paid me $ 1.50.I learned the most valuable lesson of life that day

Successful peoples always do their best on work even they do their own work or someone’s other.

“I’ve learned to do the best you can.”

You will not be able to develop these habits overnight. You should not turn your world upside down. You should not try to change everything in one day. Instead, you should bring small changes in yourself, and these tiny changes will lead you to Prosperity and success.

Continuing JP’s story, the author goes on to say that JP graduated from high school but could not go to college. Instead, he joined the Navy and served in it for two years before leaving the Navy. He continued to do various jobs and then went from house to house selling encyclopedias.

During this time he learned another important lesson

“If I knock on fifty doors and they all don’t buy from me, what can I do to keep my motivation the same as when I knocked on the first door and whether I knocked on the fifty-fifth door or one hundred and fifty-one?”

He learned the art of overcoming objections, talking to people, and forcing them to make decisions.

JP had a child when he was 20, but his wife left him. When she left, he realized that he had not paid the rent for three months. He had to leave. He had a car. He slept in it with his child. Despite all these difficulties, he had a vision of life.

All this while selling encyclopedias, he thought that he would no longer work for others but would build his own company. But the big hurdle here was that he only had رقم 700 and everyone was telling him he couldn’t build a company. Because they used to say that you don’t have money, you don’t have education, you don’t have experience, and you don’t have to be smart enough to do hundreds of things that you have to do.

JP created a habit in himself that

“Self-belief and the habit of ignoring those who are naysayers”

Initially, it was difficult to run a company, but after two years of hard work, he was successful. His consistency, his positive attitude to success, his listening habits to understand and his vision of life, and his habit of ignoring the unspoken and taking positive customer objections made his company a world-class company.

You may have heard the famous example that

“It’s not important where you started, it’s important how you end up.”

That’s why these habits made him the richest man in 2015.

Forbes Magazine ranked him 234th on its list of the 400 richest people. His full name is John Paul de Joria. He owns the Paul Mitchell Line Hair Products Company and has dozens of other businesses.

De Joria advises young entrepreneurs to develop positive habits, listen to and believe in their inner voice, and always take risks. After this story, the author goes on to say that human beings have never been as busy as they are today. We are surrounded by these things. We are busy all day and we feel that we are doing a lot but the result is that we stand where we left off … as we trade. They are running on the mill (running machine) but when they get down from it, they are still where they started.

Running fast is only beneficial when you are running in the right direction. Otherwise, your running will be useless.

When you get into the right habits of success, you move faster in the right direction because you have already determined your destiny.

I promise you that I will share these habits with you in such a way that you will be able to digest them easily and use them.

The author writes that when I was in the seventh grade, I had a similar situation with my teacher. She often told me that you are incompetent even though she did not know that I had dyslexia.

(Dyslexia: It is a disease in which the patient has difficulty in reading. To learn more about this disease, google or watch a Hindi movie on the subject “Taare Zameen Par”.)

Because of my disability, I could not read like other children. I could learn through video and audio. And that made it easier for me to understand and follow the recipe for success.

It is easier to follow a recipe than to make mistakes and learn it over and over again. The right recipe makes you successful faster.

Let’s take this as an example. Suppose you don’t like to eat spaghetti and meatballs and you want to learn how to make them. Then you can learn how to make spaghetti. Otherwise, you can go to the chef who specializes in these foods and tell him that I don’t want to open a restaurant nor do I want to compete with you. I want to make spaghetti for my family. And to make meatballs. If I give you 100, will you give me a recipe?

Take the recipe from it and come home and prepare it and make the same spaghetti and meatballs as a chef makes. Now you have taken the recipe in one day and you will be successful and save a lot of your time.

In the same way, you can read books for success, go to seminars, but even after doing all this, you may not get the success you want. Here I promise you that I have There is a recipe that will make you successful by making small changes in your habits. This book is not just the essence of my personal experience but it contains universal principles that work equally for all.

I have learned this principle from Blainers, Athletes, Business Leaders. Many of them started from scratch. Have a huge impact.

There are millions of different paths to success but apart from all these paths I have learned the fastest path in which the only option is that

“When the habit of success becomes your new routine, dramatic changes begin to take place in your life.


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