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How Personality Development Work

Personality Development

A lot of stuff has been written on personality development, and much more is being written too. Writers intend to motivate readers to adopt habits of consistency, discipline, hard work, and many other things. No doubt, these things work on actual grounds and people adopt a lifestyle where they feel they are better than before.

They feel somewhat satisfied and they regard this satisfaction as self or personality development. Another group suggests enhancing knowledge, and experience of their respective fields or occupations through every possible source and this thing also works for personality development. So, when there are so many strategies and most of them are effective too as they function quite well.

Why Personal Development

People develop their personalities by adopting habits of consistency, discipline, hard work. So, what is the need to write this article?? Why one should address the topic or give another description and strategy? The answer is, In a world growing so fast, where a method devised today becomes popular, but another method comes the next day and challenges the previous one. We should also seek to find new ways that can help us for self-improvement in a better way to develop our personalities with the pace of time.

Why Personality Development
Why Personality Development

Psychoanalytic theory

I intend to describe this aspect from a psychoanalytic perspective. The psychoanalytic theory deals with how your mind grows in different phases of your life, from childhood to adulthood, and deals with different concepts like Conscious, Unconscious, and Subconscious, etc. How we can develop our personalities psychoanalytically. It is just like training your brain to construct specific attitudes in different situations.

How Mind  Grows
How Mind Grows

Learning self-development skills To Train Your Mind

Personality development starts from leaving your fears that are the results of your bad experiences in a past life.  They are phobias, fear of abandonment, fear of regret, doubting your own skills, and ends at a personality operated by your desired attitudes in different situations unconsciously.

Learning Self Development
Learning Self Development

Train Your Brain Through Self Development Skills Training

In the beginning, it is conscious and takes too much effort to fight with yourself, your phobias, and inner fears and then, with a constant effort and after self-development skills training, your mind starts to get trained by your conscious efforts. After this, a time comes when these efforts seem to be vanishing gradually and a stage comes when no more efforts are needed and your brain is fully trained for self-growth and to operate in different circumstances according to your desired attitudes.

Suppose, a man having a height phobia, and whenever he goes to any high place, becomes upset and nervous. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to get rid of this fear. He is eagerly willing to do that but any bad experience in the past is still lingering in his unconscious that warns him not to go any high place.

Here, he doesn’t need to go straight to a high place and say ” look here I am”. It looks ridiculous to expect such things from any phobic person. At first, he should try to know what the bad experience in his past was and what were the causes and consequences.

How Our Brain Works

Our brain doesn’t store good or bad incidents, but the feelings aroused by their respective results are stored in the subconscious or unconscious and when similar situations and incidents happen again, these feelings become powerful by past experiences. Sometimes, we are afraid of something but don’t know the reason. Here we should take our start. To know the unknown and learn self-development skills. Once it’s done, the rest is very easy.

Get Rid Of Phobias Through Personal Development Training

In the case of a person having height phobia, when he becomes able to recall the bad experience from his unconscious, the rest is not such a difficult job. He should only train his mind by personnel development and every possible source to face the situation. Whether it is to learn self-development or watch a TV show in which people are jumping from jets or from the top of hills in the deep sea just to train the mind that “It’s OK dude”. It takes too much effort in the beginning.

Maybe one should turn the TV off just before watching someone jumping from any high place and it might happen several times. But once, he becomes able to watch the jump, the brain starts working and sets a comparison between his past bad experience and the recently watched jump. He just needs to show some courage to watch different scenes again and again.

Repetition Is Key

Your brain works on making explanations of your bad experience like ” Look dude, you were not in a good position when you dived and had that injury”. Explanations may be of many types and they are not visible. The process goes in the unconscious where the newly watched scenes are busy fighting with past experience. Then, a stage comes when no effort is required to watch such scenes on TV. One should give enough time to make his brain habitual of this thing and must not rush to a high place on the very first day when he feels convenient to watch such scenes.

Practice Makes Perfect

Your first stage is completed in a few following days. When there remains no fear watching such diving scenes, it is time to face a bit of high place in actuality. No doubt, fear is there. Watching someone diving from any high place is quite different from actually facing the high places. “Practice makes a man perfect” works here perfectly. Visiting such places with fear, again and again, reduces fear and a stage comes where there remains no anxiety in visiting such places.

Practice Makes Perfect
Practice Makes Perfect

A Developed You

This repetition of pleasant experiences works as a therapy and here, the mind removes that one bad experience from the unconscious, and the second stage is completed here. The rest is “to jump”. Again, no need to hurry. Suppose you are that phobic person. Take a start by Training your mind to adopt appropriate positions while jumping and never jump until the mind accepts to jump. Do whatever you can do to prepare your mind to jump. When satisfaction comes, go do it. And here you will meet a new “You”. A developed “You”.

Objectives of self-development

Things might work differently in different situations, in different fields with different fears and possible analogies can be drawn for different cases. The objective of self-development is to train your brain to face fear. “Dark gay jeet hai”. (A Pakistani proverb)
So, to sum up the whole, it starts from knowing where you are and why you are here, then to proceed towards familiarizing yourself with the fear, then to face the fear and at last, to overcome the fear. It is easy to explain, difficult to imagine for a phobic person, very difficult to act upon, but the results are durable, sustainable, and ever refreshing.

Objectives of self-development

Books For Personality Development

Many books are written on the topic of personality development some are

Millionaire Success Habits By Dean Graziosi

Unlimited Power By Tony Robbins

Awaken The Giant Within By Tony Robbins

Maximum Achievement By Brian Tracy

Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Peoples By Stephen R Covey

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