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What Grief Means? Exchange Your griefs With Others

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What Grief Means? Note: Read this post and the next lines carefully, as it can be fatal to your stress.

That night I had a strange dream!

Announcements were going on everywhere, drums were beating and there was a lot of noise. “Change your grief.” The condition was that his grief should be tied in a bundle and gathered in the main square of the city. And there you can leave your grief and carry someone else’s grief. Grief can be exchanged.

I saw people running away with bundles on their shoulders. Someone had a small lump on his shoulder and someone had a sack on his back. Everyone was walking fast, drunk in sweat. There was a commotion on all sides.

I quickly put my grief, worries, and frustrations in a bag and joined the fugitives. As I walked along, I began to wonder who I was going to change my grief from. I thought of some of my friends who I think were very lucky and their lives were a straight-line journey, unlike my Jalebi. I remembered some neighbors whose fortunes could have been wished for.

When the crowd was large, it was flying around. As I walked, I saw some people with their favorite destinies, but the wind was blowing on their faces and their bags were not backs, which made my heart melt.

“They carry a huge load on their own. They look for a small bale.”

When I looked around, I noticed that everyone with his grief load was looking at each other stealthily, but they were terrified. The excitement of the beginning was so subdued that everyone was staring at each other with suspicious eyes.

Thousands gathered in the city’s main square. Even those with money and power, those with beauty, those with blessings, each had their own burden of worries and sorrows.

On the tower above, a tall man climbed, whose accent was heavy.

“Because people have been seen praying to the Lord day and night that they are tired of their worries and sorrows, and at the same time they seem to be free from other people’s sorrows and worries, so from these constant grievances the command has come from above. “People who are more anxious should come here with their grief and replace it with the grief of others.” He spoke in a terrifying tone that went down well with everyone.

“Well, if there are people here who are tired of their grief, what are they doing that I consider so lucky?” I asked myself. Then this thunderous tone interrupted my thoughts.

“Put your bundles ten feet apart and move to one side.”

The order was immediately complied with. Everyone threw down their burdens. I took off the bundle but I kept it under my watch. Now strange whispers were coming to my heart. All the rich and powerful people were also gathered here, so it means that their bundles are full. The question is what to go for?

It was like thinking that someone started rubbing my heart with their fingers.

“Oh God, it’s better for me to pick up my bundle because the grief was all over. Now if a new bunch of grief came out of someone’s bundle? “.

That sky crack sound echoed again. This time the tone was threatening.

“Everyone close your eyes, I will count to ten. As soon as I say ten, everyone will run and pick up the bundle of their choice. Only one bundle will be given a chance to be picked up, there will be no further exchange.”

The counting began. I kept my eyes closed but continued to watch a little. I knew I had to run and pick up my bundle as soon as the ten counts were over. And I didn’t want it to fall into anyone else’s hands.

The counting went on and that sound kept pounding the sky.

As soon as ten was said. I snorted with lightning speed and flew in the air to my bundle and loaded it on my back and turned sharply and started running towards my house.

But in those few hours, I saw a unique game. I was not alone in carrying my bundle of runs. The people on my right hand and on my left hand did the same. Then the lame poor man in front of him did the same thing and the woman with one eye standing on the other side did the same thing.

I felt as if everyone had run away and picked up their own bundles. There was just one thing on the return journey, different from the arrival journey, the people carrying heavy bundles had a smile instead of pain on their faces and they were singing and chirping as they walked back to their homes.

The question is, what would you do if you were given the opportunity to keep your bundle and pick up another bundle?

What do you think?

Written by mc9xo

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